RC-FS08 Anemometer Wind Speed Indicator 

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The wind speed Indicator is designed with RS485, 4-20mA, DC0-5V and other output methods. It is a sensor specially used to monitor wind speed. The indicator can continuously monitor the wind speed, and convert the wind speed into RS485, 4-20mA or DC0-5V and other signals and transmit them to the related equipment at the same time .

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The wind speed indicator is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel and uses a special mold precision die-casting process. The entire sensor has high strength, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and water resistance. The cable connector is a military plug, which has good anti-corrosion performance and ensure the long-term use of the instrument. It can be widely used in greenhouses, environmental protection, weather stations, ships, docks, heavy machinery, cranes, ports, docks, cable cars, and any place where wind speed needs to be measured.

● The main board core adopts imported ATMEL chip,self-developed single chip and matched standard I/O card,in addition corresponding signal adjusted module, flexible alternation for data acquisition and output control,further enhanced reliability.
● Low power consumption,digit circuit adopts ATMEL chip fully.
● Power cut memory function,can run continuously for a long time.
● The hardware is with WATC HDOG circuit,has strong anti-interference function in software.
● Installation and debugging are all in key operation,it is very convenient to adjust for operator
● Sound-light alarm.


Wind speed range  0 ~ 30m / s
Starting wind speed  0.2m / s
Wind speed measurement accuracy  ± 3%
Casing Material  Aluminum Alloy or stainless steel
Output mode  RS485 / 4 ~ 20mA DC 0 ~ 5V
Power supply  DC 12 ~ 24V 1A
Voltage output  0-5V
Operating temperature  Sensor: -30~65℃Indicator: -30~65℃
Display element  Actual wind speed,wind scale, gust, temperature

Alarming limit value(default set):
1.Jack-up state: 4 level
2.Working state: 8 level
3.Limit value can be adjusted according to requirement(optional)
RC-FS08 Anemometer Wind Speed Indicator RC-FS08 Anemometer Wind Speed Indicator

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