RC-20 Parallel beam load sensor

Short Description:

The sensor has simple structure, high reliability, fixed side and forced side. Wide measuring range, High accuracy, easy to install. It is widely used in batching scales, hopper scales, hook scales, etc.

Product Detail

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Technical Parameter (5kg-500kg)

Sensitivity 2.0±0.05mV/V
Nonlinear ±0.03≤%F.S
Hsteresis ±0.03≤%F.S
repeatability 0.03≤%F.S
Creep ±0.03≤%F.S/30min
Zero output ±1≤%F.S
Zero temperature coefficient ±0.03≤%F.S/10℃
Sensitivity temperature coefficient ±0.03≤%F.S/10℃
Operating temperature range -20°C~ +80℃
Input resistance 350±20Ω
Output resistance 350±5Ω
Safe overload 150 ≤%RO
Insulation resistance ≥5000MΩ(50VDC)
Reference excitation voltage 5V-12V
Method of connecting wire Red-INPUT(+) Black- INPUT(- )Green-OUTPUT(+) White-OUTPUT( – )


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