• Wind intelligent digital anemometer

    Wind intelligent digital anemometer

    iWind Aluminum alloy version High strength aluminum alloy material. Anti jamming design, wide application range.High sensitivity, accuracy and durability Product parameters ...
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  • Safety on Pipe-Layer

    Safety on Pipe-Layer

    The RC-DG01 Load moment incator was newly installed on Pipelayer in Middle East. Recen engineer provide the program service remotely for different model of customer machine. ...
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    Excavator Load moment indicator is a safety device. The weight, height, and radius can be displayed in real time. Prevent accidents caused by overloading of excavators. The system through the human-computer interaction interface and a variety of signal transducer, arm angle, height,working rang...
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  • RC-A11-Ⅱ system basic purpose

    RC-A11-Ⅱ system basic purpose

    ●Tower crane torque protection function When the tower crane in independent or multiple synchronous operation, according to the load situation allow or prohibit the hook to lift, car forward operation. Includes 2 contacts: lifting trolley forward, low speed.To make tower crane run more safe and ...
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  • Optional conditions are available here

    Optional conditions are available here

    Crawler crane model KOBELCO 7150 consists of addtional condition with car body and extra counterweight is for 180 ton operation. The complicate operation condition makes the diffeculty of Load moment incator programming. Recen engineer did their job to process accordingly, Which provide all solut...
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  • Tower Crane Safety Monitoring

    Tower Crane Safety Monitoring

    Chengdu RECEN Co., Ltd. focuses on the field of construction sites, keeps pace with the times, works intensively, and is committed to building an intelligent and efficient smart site management platform. For a long time, Hefei Green Energy has been promoting the development of the industry, with ...
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  • RC-A11-Pro system profile

    RC-A11-Pro system profile

      RC-A11-Pro is a newly upgraded product,which can be used on tower cranes.The system integrated load moment indicator with anti-collision&zone protection system and remote online monitoring system.It indicates real time working states of tower crane and tower crane group both on tower ...
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  • Long distance, tight relation.

    Long distance, tight relation.

    Newly received photo from customer of the installation on their Tower cranes. The anti-collision and advanced zoning system Tower crane Load moment indicator and anti-collision system  installed on the cranes from Potain and Liebherr. We are building good network which allows manager to ensure se...
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    Who we are ? Recen has been focusing on wireless technology for crane monitoring systems since its establishment in 2008. The company has LMI, LSI, ACD, ground monitoring deives and spare parts of cranes for your option, compatible to LIUGONG,Todano,SANY,LIUGONG, XCMG , MANISOWIC, LIEBHERR ,KOBEL...
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  • Load Sensor

    Load Sensor

    Chengdu Recen Technology Co.,Ltd. The usage of this transducer is not limited to electronic scales. Apart from this, it is used in industrial scales, load-testing machines, flow-meters, etc. A load cell is a transducer that is utilized to make an electrical flag whose si...
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  • Keep on new improving for Customer needs

    Keep on new improving for Customer needs

    Recen is focused on continues improvement. Builders’s guardian as Recen enterprise mission, R&D innovation for breach, cultivating core competitiveness as business principle and people-oriented as management mode. To develop as cross-region and large-scale enterprise...
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    Chengdu Recen Technology is promoting a wireless anemometer. According to David Cao, President of Recen, our products beat all competitors' products. Recen has been focusing...
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