RC-A11-II Safe Load moment indicator for Tower crane SLI.

Short Description:

1.Multifunctional safety system for Tower crane
2.Large 10 inch Touch screen.
3.Friendly man-machine interface
4.Always able to upload new Load Chart by USB drive.
5.Multiple load charts can be upload at one time
6.Easy programming of Load chart on software of computer.
7.Factory temperature test, anti-fouling and anti-corrosion.
Lasting, Stable, Easy to calibrate;

Product Detail

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RC-A11-Ⅱ system provide real-time monitoring Tower crane hook Loading condition to prevent Crane accident due to overload, ensure the stop within limit per Load chart, to ensure the safe load of Tower crane.

Working temperature   -20℃ ~ 60℃
Working humidity   ≤95%(25℃)
Power voltage   AC220V±25%
Working mode   continuous
Overall error   ≤±5%
Repeatability error of load cell   ≤±0.3%
Non-linear error of load cell   ≤±3%






Safe Load Moment
RC-A11-Ⅱ system adopts full-size 10 inch touch screen operation and display in both Chinese and English language,which help operators install and use the system more easily.
When the operator runs the tower crane,the system can show the comprehensive working states of tower crane to help him run the tower crane safe and effectively.
Human interface shows all working states of tower crane including hook height,working radius( jib angle),slewing angle,hook weight, wind speed,walking distance.
In the meanime,display interface provides various pre-alarming instructions, convenient for the operator to judge tower crane working condition on the site.

Data record
● Various data of Tower crane working status can be record constantly.
● Able to generate as EXCEL file and download to USB drive
● Online supervisor is available by add-on GRPS module.
In order to facilitate on-site construction management,the system supports working record, real-time record, anti-collision record, operation record browsing, data record,besides local browsing it supports USB download, and can be viewed on the computer as worksheet.

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