Ground monitoring system

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The ground monitoring system enables ground staffs to view real-time data and anti-collision conditions of tower crane in the office. The ground monitoring system comprises a hardware (ground monitoring control box, antenna, 232 to USB conversion cable, power cable) and a software system.

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With 232 to USB conversion cable, Ground monitoring system is connected with the office computer. If the computer prompts that there is no driver for the Connecting line, it needs to be installed drive program. (The drive is in the USB disk or downloaded from internet).
Copy ground monitoring software to computer and it will be ready without installation process. The software is available in both Chinese and English versions, as shown in the following figure.

1.Bypass setting can temporarily stop the system control and allow the tower crane to operate with no restraint;
2.Height modify can modify the height parameters in the system.
3.Generate file is to create a BIN file for each parameter filled in the ground monitoring software, and transmitted the parameters to system on the tower crane by uploading the file.

Ground monitoring system

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