RC-105 Safe Load Indicator for Mobile Crane

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The Safe Load Indicator (SLI) system has been designed to provide the essential information required to operate the machine within its design parameters. It Applied to the safety protection device for boom type hoisting machinery.

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Using different sensors, the Safe Load Indicator monitors various crane functions and provides the operator with a continuous reading of the crane’ s capacity. The readings continuously change as the crane moves through the motions needed to make the lift. The SLI provides the operator with information regarding the length and angle of the boom, working radius, rated load and the current actual load which is lifted by the crane.
If non permitted lifting load are approached, the Safe Load Indicator will warn the operator by sounding and lighting alarm, And output control signal to cut off the power.

Operation Voltage DC24V
Operation Temperature ﹣20℃~﹢60℃
Relative Humidity ﹤95%(25℃)
Working Pattern Continuous
Alarm Error  <5%
Power Consumption ﹤20W
Resolution 0.1t
Comprehensive Error <5%
Control Output Capacity DC24V/1A;
Standard GB12602-2009

RC-105 Safe Load Indicator for Mobile Crane04

1. Multifunctional display unit (Full-touch high-resolution color screendisplay , and can switch multiple languages.)
2. Power supply unit (Using wide voltage switching power supply module, ithas Overload, over current protection and self-recovery.)
3. Central micro processor unit (Using industrial-grade enhancedmicro-processing chip, fast operation speed and high efficiency.)
4. Signal collection unit (Using high-precision AD conversion chip, analogchannel resolution: 16bit.)
5. Data storage unit (Use EEPROM memory, to store historical work recordsof the device to prevent data loss.)
6. Peripheral interface unit (Remote data transmission. 7 channels output
control,10 channels switches input, 6 channels analog input, 4 channels485 bus, 2 channels CAN bus,4 channels UART; 1 USB2.0; 1 SD card/ TFcard.)
7.Alarm and control unit.



RC-105 Safe Load Indicator for Mobile Crane04


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