RC-07 Dynamic torque Load sensor

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The torque load sensor is a precision measuring tool for measuring various torques, speeds and mechanical power. Mainly used in:

1. Detection of output torque and power of rotating power equipment such as electric motors, engines, and internal combustion engines;

2. Detection the torque and power of the fan, water pump, gear box, and torque wrench;

3. Detection of torque and power in railway locomotives, automobiles, tractors, airplanes, ships, and mining machinery;

4. It can be used for the detection of torque and power in the sewage treatment system;

5. It can be used to manufacture viscometer;

6. It can be used in process industry and process industry.


Technical Parameter (Range:0.01~2N.m )

Torque accuracy <±0.5 %F-S、<±0.2 %F.S、<+0.1% F·S(Optional)
Frequency response 100μs
Nolinear <±0.2% F.S
Repeatability <0.1%F. S
Output resistance 350Ω±1Ω、700Ω±3Ω、1000Ω±5Ω(Optional)
Return difference <0.1 %F S
zero drift <0.2 %F. S
Zero temperature drift <0.2 %F. S /10℃
Insulation resistance >500Ω
The static overload 120% 150% 200% (Optional)
Environment temperature -20 ~ 50℃
Storage temperature -20 ~ 70℃
Total current consumption < 200mA
Frequency signal output 5KHZ-15KHZ
Rated torque 10KHZ±5KHZ (Positive and negative bidirectional measurement value)
Supply voltage ±15VDC、24VDC (Optional)
Output signal 5KHz-15KHz、0-20mA、4-20mA、0-5V、0-10V、1-5V、0±5V、0-±10V(Optional)


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