Wind intelligent digital anemometer

iWind Aluminum alloy version High strength aluminum alloy material.

Anti jamming design, wide application range.High sensitivity, accuracy and durability


Product parameters

The control line has three terminals, common end, normally open point and

normally closed point. Only the common end, normally open point or normally closed point can be used in the process of use. The control line can be connected to the power circuit or external alarm circuit. When the wind speed exceeds 80% of the set alarm speed, the buzzer will issue intermittent alarm.

When the wind speed exceeds the set alarm speed, Host sound and light alarm. The display screen will display the HXXX (XXX represents the current wind speed or wind level), and the buzzer will keep ringing


Product parameters

Product model Aluminum alloy version
Measuring range 0~40m/s
Input voltage 130~560VAC
Alarm output Relay7A/220VACBuzzer
Measurement accuracy Wind speed 0.1m/s
Wind force level 1 Sensor All metal (aluminum)/Three - wire system
Transmission cables 10m
Working temperature -20℃~+85℃

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