RC-A11-Ⅱ system basic purpose


●Tower crane torque protection function
When the tower crane in independent or multiple synchronous operation, according to the load situation allow or prohibit the hook to lift, car forward operation. Includes 2 contacts: lifting trolley forward, low speed.To make tower crane run more safe and stable,adding the torque and weight adjustable three way protection,and max.default doesn’t exceed 120% of the security range (generally safety moment value tower crane manufacturers test is 120%).

●Anti-collision and zone protection function
When multiple tower cranes constructed at the same time,how to prevent the risk between tower cranes or between tower crane and building,and the load from entering some certain areas (such as streets, campus, public areas, railway, power etc.),which is always the catchy security issue of constructions,and gradually brings it into the strict construction safety management,formulated relevant regulations and standards,hope the maximally ensure construction safety.Nevertheless,still not avoiding the collision between some tower cranes’ interference or security accident of the load strayed into protection zone.

RC-A11-Ⅱ anti-collision&zone protection system is controlled by computer
automatically,and two challenges of treatment of the construction site: the mutual interference between tower cranes on site and restricted zone protection. The system is applicable to various luffing and level-jib tower cranes,can achieve real-time monitoring for up to 30 tower cranes within the same network and save operating records according to requirement to track and check. RC-A11-Ⅱ anti-collision&zone protection system can help the operator run the tower crane safe and effectively.The system continuously calculated the position of networking tower cranes and relative coordinates of trolleys,once detecting the possible collision between tower crane and close to the protected areas,such as street,highway,railway,campus,public areas,it will give an early warning,until run by this tower crane control system,automatically
restrict the operation to continue, try best to avoid the safe accident happened as negligence and error judgment from the operator,greatly ensure the safe use of the tower crane.


●Safety monitoring function
The system provides the operator with actual working states of tower crane as follows 10 inch sized LCD(7 inch optional):hook amplitude,rated load,actual load,torque,torque percentage, slewing angle,hook height,wind speed, display jib angle for luffing tower crane.When the load reaches the rated load or 90% of specified value, it wil give an early warning,alarm if it reaches 100%,if reaches 105%,it will alarm and prevent the trolley automatically from moving outward and the hook from lifting upward) and the position state between tower cranes.The tower crane alarming record can be saved for tracking and checking(The three value can be set free,but the max.is not more than 120%)

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