RC-804 Dynamic torque sensor

Short Description:

The torque sensor avoids the interference of the friction torque of the bearing. Mainly used in the manufacture of viscometers, torque wrenches and others.

Product Detail

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Technical Parameter (Range:0.01~2N.m )

Torque accuracy < ±0.5 %F.S<±0.2 % F.S.、< ±0.1 %F.S (Optional)
Frequency response 100μs
Nolinear < ±0.1 %F.S
Repeatability <0.1%F.S
Output resistance 350Ω+1Ω、700Ω+3Ω、1000Ω+5Ω(Optional)
Return difference < 0.1 %FS
Zero drift < 0.2%F.S
Zero temperature drift < 0.2%F.S /10℃
Insulation resistance > 500MΩ
The static overload 120 % 150% 200% (Optional)
Environment temperature -20 ~ 50℃
Storage temperature -20 ~ 70℃
Total current consumption  < 200mA
Frequency signal output  5KHZ-15KHZ
Rated torque 10KHZ±5KHZ (Positive and negative bidirectional result)
Supply voltage +15VDC24VDC (Optional)
Output signal 5KHz- 15KHz0-20mA4-20mA0-5V、0-10V1-5V0 ±5V. 0~ ±10V(Optional)


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