Recen New Update

There are many hidden dangers in the work of tower cranes. With the increase of building scale, big tower crane group operation is required, and the risk of collision between tower cranes is increasing.

Recen has been forced on constant improvement for RC-A11-II Tower crane Anti-collision and zone protection system.

Upgarded to new Slewing encoder, improve its mounting and programming.

xsdrs (3)
xsdrs (1)

In case any data lost, when detected data is 0 or damaged, restore the default value

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Upgraded system refresh time:

Screen display refresh 400ms → 200ms;

Sensor signal refresh 3~400ms → 100ms

Builders’ guardian as Recen enterprise mission, R&D innovation for breach, cultivating core competitiveness as business principle and people-oriented as management mode to make Recen develop rapidly.

Post time: Jan-13-2022