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Recen is a company that has always focused on innovation, always projected into the future by bringing its concept of safety by technology around the word and in the most diverse working environments. Over the years, the company has undertaken solid collaborations with various partners with whom it has contributed to raising safety standards on the realization of large eco-sustainable works.

The technology adopted in these machines are simple microprocessor technology. 30 number of tower cranes can be controlled at a time with the powerful ACD software with a supporting Ground monitoring system.

Human interface shows all working states of tower crane including hook height,working radius(jib angle),slewing angle,hook weight,wind speed,walking distance and anti-collision information,in the meantin,display interface provides various pre-alarming instructions,convenient for the operator to judge tower crane working on site.

Concise and intuitive calibration interface,more intuitive icon display,easy for operator to understand and operate,in the meantime the setup and operation is very east,one page can finish all calibration operation for this system.

Both Chinese and English language display ,the operator can set screen brightness to meet operating requirements in different light condition according yo environment.In the meantime,the system ca support metric and imperial switch to meet the from different regions and countries.

Also,we supply wireless monitoring device,which supports wireless data browsing.Users only need to install the corresponding monitoring software on site management PC and connect the communication antenna to real-time monitor the status information of each tower crane,including the real-time height of the tower crane,working radius,load quality,slewing angle,on-site wind speed and anti-collision information.Additionally,manager can also modify and upload site and tower crane date through monitoring soft ware.When the tower crane needs to forcibly cross obstacles or enter dangerous areas,he can remote authorize to see if this operation is allowed.

Post time: Apr-14-2021