RC-A11-II system

Recen have come up with a new system which has additional features of safe load indicator (SLI) inbuilt, those the customer need not by a separate SLI and separate Anti Collision device, both are inbuilt in one system itself. Some of the features of company’s anti collision device are-

RC-A11-II is our latest multi-functional safety system, integrated Load Moment Indicator, Anti-collision & Zone Protection System together.

The collision device has been customized following site requirements, taking into consideration factors like frequent power disruption stalling the operation of the tower cranes midway in operations or wind conditions.
Based on the factors, the anti collision pack has a monitoring system installed at the ground that monitors the working of the crane in clusters.

* 10 inch LCD touch screen display, more visible
* Friendly man-machine interface; automatically generated the coordinates of Tower crane & Obstacle, and Tower crane off-line protection (Optional)
* High safe protection grade; strict high and low temperature test, anti-fouling and anti-corrosion.
* Stable, convenient, long service life of system;
* Easy for installation and calibration;
-Slewing Encoder: 4096 circles (Others are using multi-circles like 64 circles, 128 circles, no zero points after TC run in one direction for several circles).
-Radio: made in Japan, optional for about 100 channels, make a stable, long term connection.
-Limiter/sensor: From GK and Keli, Best brand in China and the cost is more than double of others.

Post time: Apr-14-2021