Can Safety load monitoring equipment solve the problem?

7 deaths and 2 injuries…Another accident happened to the tower crane….


This year, how many tower crane accidents happened almost every other way. If you carefully study those tower crane accidents, the possible management reasons are almost the same, because there is no tower crane safety monitoring product.

Can intelligent monitoring equipment solve the problem? The answer is yes.

Chengdu RECEN THCHNOLOGY open up new ideas, new thinking and new methods of safety production management to welcome the arrival of the era of intelligent production safety management. With the birth of smart construction sites, our company has given crane load indicator new connotations to be applied to safety production management, coupled with intelligent technology and design concepts, and safety load indicator construction sites can be formed.

Safety-load-monitoring2 Safety-load-monitoring3

The monitoring and alarm function of our safety load monitoring equipment has achieved great results. Taking the currently developed tower crane monitoring system as an example, the tower crane monitoring system can be equipped with a black box function, which can perform tower crane jacking and section monitoring, safety device failure monitoring, the functions of on-site pre-alarm and remote management of voice and data information provided by the safety technology can complete tower crane filing, basic information management, real-time monitoring, alarm and statistics.

Safety-load-monitoring4Our products not only pay attention to the design of hardware and software, but also take into account the relationship between tower crane management and site management. For example, the personnel information related to this tower crane includes safety personnel, equipment management and maintenance personnel, cable commanders, lifting materials team personnel, and other personnel. This information can be collected, and this tower crane is related to the entire construction site. The risk relationship of safety management can basically be reflected.

To welcome the arrival of the era of intelligent management of safety production, it is important to innovate the concepts, thinking and methods of safety production management.

In the future, “Internet + smart construction site” must start with safety. Our crane monitoring system can monitor and feedback information on various elements of the construction site. At the same time, it can also conduct a comprehensive analysis of the construction site and even the construction site based on the information collection of the monitoring points. An objective report on the safety production conditions of the enterprise is provided to remind the enterprise and the construction site to continuously improve the safety production conditions so as to continuously improve the safety indicator management level and prevent or reduce the occurrence of production safety accidents.


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