A tower crane anti-collision system

Developments in tower crane design and the increasing complexity of construction sites in the 1970’s and 1980’s led to an increase in the quantity and proximity of tower cranes on construction sites. This increased the risk of collisions between cranes, particularly when their operating areas overlapped.

A tower crane anti-collision system is an operator support system for tower cranes on construction sites. It helps an operator to anticipate the risk of contact between the moving parts of a tower crane and other tower cranes and structures. In the event that a collision becomes imminent, the system can send a command to the crane’s control system, ordering it to slow down or stop.[1] An anti-collision system can describe an isolated system installed on an individual tower crane. It can also describe a site wide coordinated system, installed on many tower cranes in close proximity.

The anti collision device prevents collision with nearby structures, buildings, trees and other tower cranes working at the close vicinity. The component is critical as it provides total safety coverage to the tower cranes.

Recen is in the business of providing high-quality construction equipment and infrastructure equipment.

Recen has supplied Anti collision devices combined with SLI (Safe load Indication & control) to various customers in worldwide. This has been developed for the full safety during the working of multiple cranes in the same site. These are microprocessor based technology combined with wireless radio communication along with ground monitoring & upload station.

Post time: Apr-14-2021